使用人工智能绘画你的艺术!使用 AI 艺术生成器,只需描述你天马行空的灵感,AI即可创作。

Use AI to paint your art! With AI Art Generator, just describe your unrestrained inspiration and AI can create.

-AI 文本绘画
简单描述一下你的想法:“白雪皑皑的山坡”、“海上飓风与小船”、“由新海诚绘画的一条美人鱼”或任何你能想像到的,选择你想要的风格,点击 “开始绘画” 并等待十几秒钟,就能看到自己创造的专属作品。UniDream 使用前沿的AI模型来生成AI绘画作品。部署了多台高性能机器并持续优化算法,在提供高质量生成效果的同时,缩短了等待时间。

Simply describe your idea: "Snow-capped hillside", "Sea hurricane and boat", "a mermaid painted by Makoto Shinkai" or anything else you can imagine, choose the style you want, click on "Start painting" and wait ten seconds to see your own creation. UniDream uses cutting-edge AI models to generate AI paintings. Multiple high-performance machines are deployed and the algorithm is continuously optimized to deliver high-quality generation results while reducing wait times.

-AI 以图画图

Import an image, and the AI can transform that image into any style of painting you want. Imagine turning a selfie into the protagonist of any anime without the need for a pad drawing. You don't need a paintbrush, you use a lot of imagination, you can get an art painting.


Borrow artists anytime, anywhere. UniDream offers more than a dozen distinctive art styles for you to choose from. If Van Gogh painted the Great Wall, if Mucha painted cats, if Mona Lisa's smile became a cartoon... From oil painting to watercolor, from Picasso to Paul Cezanne, choose your favorite art style to quickly improve the composition, layout and picture integrity of your paintings.


Update community user works daily and share drawing spells. Get started quickly with real use cases so you have a greater chance of drawing great work.